Plan your Knock Down and Rebuild the right way from the start

Dream Location + Dream Home

Knocking down an old house to make way for a new rebuild is an exciting prospect. You get to live exactly where you want and get to build your dream home too! If you're ready to undertake this kind of project, then engage us early so you get the right information from the start.

Our Process

We will assess your land and the existing building to check the feasibility of the project. Then we will find the right home design together. If one of our existing designs doesn't quite work, we can modify as required to optimise for your site.

In addition to our standard building process, which can be viewed here, we will handle the other aspects that relate to knockdown rebuilds such as Demolition and Council Permits.

The Benefits of Rebuilding

What to do with an old house? You could sell and just move on. You could renovate but this can be a tricky process and is full of compromise and risk. Or, you could clear the land and build a brand new home. This allows you to get exactly what you want and significantly reduces the chance of unforeseen costs.

There is also an inherent quality benefit to rebuilding as new. Instead of building on old or poorly designed foundations, built with outdated construction methods; you could be building something brand new that has all the modern engineering, electrical wiring, heating and cooling, insulation, etc that you need.

So, apart from getting to stay in the location you desire, you end up with a better built home with significantly more predictable costs.

There are additional benefits if you are replacing a house that you have lived in yourself for years. The money that you save on Stamp Duty for a new property, plus the saving on selling costs, could go a long way in your rebuild. Also, you get to keep the equity that has built up in your land over the years you have lived there, while increasing it's capital value with your new home.

A new house overlaying an old house.