Pre Site Phase

This phase covers all the work leading up to breaking ground on site. Thorough planning here makes for a much smoother building process.

Choosing your home

Choose from our stunning range of home designs. You should also note that we are flexible with our designs, so you can add your personal touch and build the perfect home for you!

Making your selections

Choose from our professionally curated colour schemes and various upgrade packs to make your home truly stunning. We will give you a Sales Quote at this point. If you are happy to proceed, then you will pay your deposit, which means that we can work on a Tender for you.


After you have chosen and personalised your home, we source information and pricing that will allow us to produce an accurate fixed price for your build. If you are happy with your Tender and wish to proceed, we will produce an HIA Contract.


Your HIA Contract will include all the documents relevant to your build so that you know exactly what you are signing up for. We will thoroughly go over these important documents with you. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. We will also explain how we treat unforeseen costs such as rock removal. We want you to be completely comfortable before you sign. Upon signing you will pay the 5% deposit (less the amount of previously paid deposit money).

Building permit

Every build requires a Building Permit issued by a licensed building surveyor. We will gather relevant documents to make the application as thorough as possible. A quick issuing of the permit is the goal here.

Construction Phase

Now for the real work! Our experienced construction supervisors will coordinate the construction of your home. Our high quality standards are strictly adhered to throughout the build.

Site Start

With a Building Permit in hand, we can begin work on your site.

Base Stage

Excavation and underground connections will be made. The concrete slab, along with any footings, piers and steel will be set up and laid.

Frame Stage

The building will quickly take form when the frame and roof trusses go up.

Lock-Up Stage

External claddings, roof cladding, brickwork, windows and doors will get the build to lock up stage. This will also include services rough ins and insulation.

Fix Stage

A pre-plaster 3rd party inspection will be carried out and relevant defects made good. The internal plaster, architraves, skirting and joinery will be installed.


A pre-paint 3rd party inspection will be carried out and relevant defects made good. Fit-off of floor finishes, tiles, doors, cabinetry, benchtops, appliances, etc, along with all relevant plumbing and electrical connections and fixtures.

Final Inspections

A mandatory final inspection is carried out by the Building Surveyor to make sure everything is in accordance with the Building Permit and Australian Standards and Codes. But in addition, we organise a 3rd party final inspection to ensure quality standards are met.

Post Construction Phase

We don't leave you on your own after the handover. We have a maintenance program that means you can have peace of mind any defects will be fixed.


We will assemble a pack of relevant documentation and certificates. We will meet you at the home to hand over the keys and handover pack and to show you through the home so that you are familiar will all of the features. We will do a walkthrough to make sure that you are happy with your new home.

Warranty Inspection

90 days after we hand you the keys, we will arrange to come back and carry out an inspection. As a building settles into its site, small cracks and other minor defects are common. We encourage you to take note of these defects and let us know about them at the inspection. We will then determine the agreed works to be carried out.

Completion of Warranty works

We will carry out the defect rectification works as agreed.