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If you are interested in one of our designs or just want to discuss what we can do for you, you can speak to our sales staff at one of our displays or you can contact our office.  We will be able to provide a sales quote, which will give you a good idea of how much your home will cost to build. Our sales staff will also provide you with information about our process, inclusions, current promotions and upgrades.

When you are ready to get the ball rolling, we will just need you to make payment of the Initial Deposit ($2000) and provide some basic information about the property.  You also get to make your selections for the house at this point such as the facade, colour palette and any upgrades. Don't worry, you will have an opportunity to change these selections before the contract signing.


Your project will be handed over to our Contract Administrator and Estimator.  We will then gather information about your site (including property info, soil test, survey and preliminary engineering) to produce preliminary drawings and the first draft of the tender.

We will present the first Tender to you in our showroom where we will go over the Colour Selection Schedule in detail and give you the opportunity to make changes to your selections and upgrades.  We will present you with the preliminary architectural drawings and preliminary engineering drawings (if available).  We will also show you your electrical plan and discuss any additions or changes you would like.

After payment of the Further Deposit ($3000), we will generate a Final Tender and Contract.  At the contract presentation meeting, we will also present you with a full set of Working Drawings, Engineering Drawings, Energy Report and any other relevant information.

To proceed with construction, we need you to sign the contract documents and make payment of the 5% deposit (less the amount of the previously paid deposits).

Architectural drawing


Once your build contract is in place, we will produce and gather all relevant documents and information to ensure a successful application of a building permit.  

Once we are on site, our dedicated and efficient trades people and suppliers will be coordinated by our Construction Supervisor.  Your site will be closely managed to maintain high quality and timely delivery of your home.  

The stages of your build are described in our Process Flow Chart.  

Maintaining quality throughout your build is of huge importance to us. This is why, in addition to mandatory Building Surveyor inspections, we utilise the services of a 3rd Party Building Inspector.  This 3rd Party inspector is independent from us and supplies us with objective reports at critical stages of the build process. Find out more about our 3rd Party Inspection process here.

Timber framing for a house

After handover

We are still there to support you after we hand you the keys.  

As the building settles into the site, it is common for minor issues to arise.  We encourage you to record any defects that you notice. After 90 days we will come back and review any defects and maintenance issues that may have occurred.  We will then carryout works to rectify the issues.