Plan out your Dual Occupancy project the right way from the start.  Let's build your perfect home or investment together.

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We build Dual Occ homes

Ironsons Homes has the experience needed to deliver Dual Occupancy (Duplex) Homes. We can handle the tricky aspects of this type of build so that you can have peace of mind throughout the whole process. We are also flexible and can work with you if you have something specific in mind. This means we are just as happy building custom plans as we are building our own designs. Shout out to us so that we can work on this project with you.

Our Process

We will assess your land and existing building (if any) to check the feasibility of the project, including from a town planning perspective. Then we will find the right home design together. If one of our existing designs doesn't quite work, we can modify as required to optimise for your site. Or we can design a custom floor plan specific to your block.

In addition to our standard building process, which can be viewed here, we will handle the other aspects that relate to dual occs such as Demolition and Council Permits.

The Benefits of a Dual Occ

Dual Occs can potentially be titled seperately so this adds to there versatility. Below are a few possible outcomes for your project:

- Sell or rent both and reap the financial rewards
- Live in one while you lease out the other to pay down your mortgage sooner
- Keep both and live right next to family and loved ones and dependants