Independent 3rd Party Inspections are a critical part of our quality system

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We don't compromise on quality

Maintaining quality throughout your build is of huge importance to us.  This is why, in addition to mandatory Building Surveyor inspections, we utilise the services of a 3rd Party Building Inspector.  This 3rd Party inspector is independent from us and supplies us with objective reports at critical stages of the build process.

BPI360 will inspect your project at the following important stages:

Rather than plastering over any defects, errors and quality issues, Ironsons prefer to catch and rectify problems when they occur.  

Similarly to the previous stage, we don't like to cover up quality issues with paint.  We will ensure your walls and ceiling fall within acceptable tolerances before the paint goes on.

Final Inspection
A mandatory inspection is carried out by the appointed Building Surveyor.  The scope of their inspection is to ensure the building is compliant with all relevant building legislation.  However; Ironsons prefer take the further step of carrying out a 3rd party independent inspection.  The scope of this inspection is to ensure the fit and finish is of an acceptable standard.